MDCPS District 6 preparing facilities for new school year

MDCPS District 6 preparing facilities for new school year

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District 6 of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) continues to work throughout this summer vacation to ensure that all students return to school to a safe educational environment where they can reach their full academic potential.

Special needs students of Blue Lakes Elementary will go back to school to a renovated playground that will meet their medical needs. The playground will have a new canopy and floor that will help these students function more effectively during their play time according to their sensory processing disorder.

Children suffering from sensory processing disorder have significant problems to organize sensation coming from the body and the environment and thus may feel seriously discomforted by sounds, lights, movements, smells, tastes, textures, and other sensory inputs found in daily living to which most people would not react.

Coral Gables Senior High will have a completely restored track and field where students may continue to enhance their athletic abilities. Gables High has a long history of achievement in sports. The school boasts four former Olympians, three Super Bowl champions, and current professional baseball, football, golf, and tennis players.

The project for Citrus Grove Elementary consists of painting the exterior of the school building as well as the interior of the school’s new sensory room for special education students. Research shows that the physical condition of school facilities directly impacts the attitudes of students, teachers and parents. The better the physical condition of the school, the more positive the attitudes of students, and students with better attitudes tend to work harder and excel academically in school.

Congratulations to the Academy of Finance of Southwest Miami Senior High on being recognized by the National Academy Foundation as the most distinguished career academy in the United States. The award is based on how the academy has prepared students for college and postsecondary careers. Southwest Miami Senior High’s academy is one of the first academies to be recognized and has remained among the most distinguished for four years.

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