Miami artist creates new ribbon for Miami Marathon and Half Marathon

Miami artist creates new ribbon for Miami Marathon and Half MarathonDynamic medal ribbon designs that hold innovative bling are hallmarks of the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon — and in 2018 a new design by award-winning Miami architect Bernard Zyscovich will accompany the most innovative Miami medal yet.

Zyscovich called upon Miami’s vibrancy as a city to creatively design the ribbon that will be given to every finisher in the Jan. 28 race as well as the Tropical 5K on Saturday, Jan. 27, and the Kids Run Miami that is conducted alongside Sunday’s main event.

The medal will feature the traditional inner palm spinner plus a new outer spinning ring which includes the Marathon catch phrases Miami Famous, Miami First Timer, Miami Runner, Miami Finisher, Miami Streaker, Miami Made, and Miami Fast.

“Last year, the medal was unique because it was to commemorate our 15th anniversary,” said Nicole Bostick, the Miami Marathon and Half Marathon’s senior marketing manager. “We always have a spinning element, but we are also always trying to outdo ourselves, to do something bigger and better. I was watching a video for a prominent jewelry brand when I came up with the idea for an outer ring spinner.”

Zyscovich, founder and CEO of the Miami-based firm Zyscovich Architects, is an award-winning architect and published author who is an industry-wide subject matter expert on architecture, urban design, interior design and master planning.

With a passion to produce impact through ideas, aesthetic expression and technological innovation, Zyscovich’s firm incorporates character, flavor and vision into each of its designs while reinforcing socio-economic, cultural and recreational possibilities.

“The medal neck ribbon design was born from how Miami has developed its identity over time to be the vibrant, active and dynamic personality it currently embodies,” Zyscovich said. “The city is in a constant state of change and progresses over time, much like how our runners progress closer to the finish line on their journey through the city. The design portrays the structure of Miami along with the iconic trademarks representing the vitality of the city.”

Registration is open for the 2018 Miami Marathon and Half Marathon. For more information or to register, visit or

The Miami Marathon is Florida’s elite distance race with 23,000 runners representing all 50 states and more than 80 countries converging on Miami and South Beach to experience one of the most unique courses in the world. The race has come a long way since 3,400 runners participated in the first Miami Marathon in 2003.

Participants include elite runners, top age-group competitors, and many thousands who run for charity and to achieve their own personal goals. Together they enjoy the tropical views and the sounds of South Florida, with a diverse array of entertainment blended into the experience, and generate more than $50 million in total economic impact for the city of Miami and Miami-Dade County.

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