Miami Zoning Board endorses Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalization District Plan

wynwood-miami [dropcap]A[/dropcap]s Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood continues to grow as a center for art, entrepreneurship and innovation, the City of Miami Planning, Zoning and Advisory Board has unanimously voted to recommend approval of the Wynwood Neighborhood Revitalization District (NRD) Plan.

A first-of-its-kind plan, the NRD sets forth new zoning regulations for Wynwood that will preserve its unique artistic and industrial character, while creating additional dedicated funding for neighborhood improvements and encouraging new, more varied residential development. The next step towards implementation of the plan will be a vote by the full City of Miami Commission in July.

“After two years of working with property owners and the City of Miami, we are excited that the Wynwood NRD Plan has reached this important milestone,” said David Polinsky, board member and planning committee chair for the Wynwood Business Improvement District (BID). “This plan will ensure Wynwood’s continued evolution as vibrant neighborhood with a diverse fabric of people, businesses and organizations rooted in creativity.”

Commissioned by the Wynwood BID, the Wynwood NRD plan was developed by international planning firm PlusUrbia in conjunction with the City of Miami’s Planning Department. The plan includes several groundbreaking concepts including:

• Creation of the Wynwood Design Review Committee to review the design of proposed neighborhood developments;

• Introduction of shared-streets or woonerfs on NW Third Avenue, NW First Avenue and NW First Place, which convert the streets to public spaces at certain times; • Formation of the Wynwood Public Benefit Trust Fund (WPBTF) to ensure money collected from developments in Wynwood is used for improvements within the neighborhood, and

• Encouraging the development of studio apartments (less than 650 square feet), with the option to pay out parking. “We have worked on projects in cities across the globe and this is one of the most progressive plans we’ve ever created,” said Juan Mullerat, director of PlusUrbia.

“The Wynwood NRD Plan is an opportunity to bring more open, public space and encourage a true work-liveplay neighborhood in a historically industrial district.” The Wynwood NRD Plan will also:

• Enhance the pedestrian experience in the neighborhood by requiring 10 feet minimum width sidewalks and pedestrian paseos for larger projects, and funding centralized parking through the WPBTF;

• Protect the industrial character of the neighborhood with financial incentives to preserve warehouses and incentivize development through Transfer of Development Rights (TDRs);

• Preserve the artistic character by requiring art or glass treatments on new developments, and

• Encourage more diverse housing options by allowing increased density from 36 and 65 to 150 dwelling units per acre.

To read the entire Wynwood NRD Plan visit

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