The low-fat diet myth

In short, the previously promised benefits of a lowfat diet have been exhaustively disproved, time and time again. Studies have shown that it does not cause significant weightloss over an extended period of time and it has no notable effect on cancer or heart disease.
So where did this idea originate?

Well, it all started with the 1977 publication of Dietary Guidelines for Americans by the Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs. For starters, it should be acknowledged that this publication is approaching four decades and it’s safe to say that we have learned a lot since its inception.

Second, even in 1977 these guideline were highly debated by scientific and health communities and were by no means considered definitive. As a matter of fact, these same guidelines recommended that Americans increase their carbohydrate intake to make up for 55 to 60 percent of their daily calories.

Unfortunately, while there is virtually no scientific data truly supporting a low-fat diet, there are plenty of studies suggesting that low-fat diets can be harmful to your overall health.

Some studies have discovered that the low-fat diet actually can decrease HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol) and increase your overall blood triglycerides — both of which are risk factors for heart disease.

So now what? I, as well as the nutritionists that I work with, always have been a strong proponent of balance and moderation. Drastic reductions and eliminations always seem to carry more negative results than positive.

Your genetics, family history, exercise regimen, goals and health all play a roll in how your personal nutrition should be structured, so there is no blanked recommendation that would work for everyone.

However, I encourage you to take a look in your cabinets and refrigerator and eliminate the highly processed items where fats have been manually removed or reduced. These products almost always contain chemicals or refined sugars that are proven to cause the exact problems you are trying to avoid.

For a full list of sources and studies, visit /low-fat-diet-myth/.

Lucas G. Irwin is CEO of Steelhouse Guided Fitness Systems.

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