When subject is waste removal just think of the ‘Garbage Girls’

Pictured (l-r) are Angela Piccinonna, Amber Piccinonna and Amanda Piccinonna.

The words “garbage” and “girls” don’t quite seem like a match made in heaven but for me, growing up, it was all I knew.

Thirty years ago my father had his first daughter, 26 years ago his second, and 21 years ago his third. After three tries, he realized he would never have a garbage man but three “Garbage Girls” instead.

Being raised in a second-generation family in the waste removal business was pretty easy. However, being accepted in the waste industry as strong-minded and opinionated “Garbage Girls,” well, that is something my sisters and I have battled every day in this business.

For these three “Garbage Girls,” it encompasses daily operations at our father’s third family-owned-and-operated waste removal company: Great Waste & Recycling Service LLC based here in Miami. We also market our self-ownedand- operated national company, American Waste Solutions.

Our latest endeavor is branching out to support local non-profit organizations and foundations, helping promote their causes by assisting with fundraising as well as local awareness.

To make a few waves in this industry, we spend time visiting dumps, negotiating dumping prices, preparing and presenting bids for local cities and construction organizations, meeting with city officials and, well, the list goes on and on.

Attending most of these industry functions is very rare for “Garbage Girls,” but with the upbringing we’ve had, as well as the knowledge, experience and confidence that our father instilled within us, we hope we have made our presence well known in South Florida.

While I’m sure it comes as no surprise to hear that the garbage industry is overflowing with men, locally as well as nationally, my sisters and I strive to be the most active girls in today’s waste industry.

Need a special insight into the everchanging garbage industry?

In a very male-dominated industry, you just might find the female perspective refreshing and downright helpful to solve a special waste removal problem of your own business. After all, who does most of the ‘waste removal’ at your own home?

“Garbage Girl” Amanda Piccinonna is sales and marketing manager of Great Waste & Recycling Service LLC. She may be reached at 305-688-6188, or for more information, visit Facebook www.facebook.com/GreatWasteService or Twitter at www.twitter.com/GreatWaste

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