Miami Beach Offers Safety Lock Boxes for Beachgoers

Miami Beach Offers Safety Lock Boxes

How often have you visited the beach and when the time comes to head into the water, you decide your shoe, your towel or chair would make the perfect place to stash your valuables?

However there is a flaw with that technique. There are, unfortunately, individuals whose intent is on criminal activity that target beach-goers. They know all too well where is that not-so-secure hiding spot. In fact, police often refer to it as a “shoe-locker” and remind visitors that it is not a wise approach to protecting your valuables.

In an effort to help residents and visitors enjoy their beach visits and avoid “getting burned” at the beach, Miami Beach has approved the use of safety lock-boxes available from select kiosks along the beach.

Beachgoers can now rent or buy a “bad-guy-proof” lock-box to stash items such as car keys, cell phones and wallets and/or cash and credit cards. The rental fee is $5 dollars for the day or you can purchase your own lock-box for $45 dollars.

The lock-boxes can be securely locked to the back of a beach chair or remain locked at the rental kiosk. Customers have the ability to set a unique lock code with each purchase, preventing others from accessing valuables.

Use of the lock-boxes on the beach is a partnership between the City of Miami Beach, the Boucher Brothers and AquaVault.

For more information on this and other safety initiatives implemented by the City of Miami Beach, visit .


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