Miami Beach Officials Urge: Prepare for Hurricane Season

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he City of Miami Beach is ready for the 2015 hurricane season and emergency management officials are asking residents, “Are you?”

The best way to prepare is to have a plan for natural disasters and other hazards. As the 2015 hurricane season begins, Miami Beach offers residents a comprehensive overview of essential information to safely navigate through hurricane season. Miami Beach is a barrier island and in an evacuation zone. The community must prepare their homes and businesses for a storm and to evacuate.

Knowing the terminology associated with storm season is one of the first steps toward preparedness. In the MBTV video production of “Plan & Prepare: Hurricanes and Beyond,” viewers get a comprehensive look at the emergency systems in place to ensure public safety should Miami Beach find itself in the path of a hurricane. The 30-minute feature also explains the differences between a tropical depression, tropical storm and hurricane, as well as the meteorological classifications for hurricane category and strength. In one segment, viewers also visit the National Hurricane Center for a glimpse into how meteorologist track storms and make weather predictions; all designed to keep residents safe.

In an ongoing effort to provide excellent public service and safety to residents and visitors, Miami Beach emergency management leaders offer up instruction on what emergency supplies to have on hand, how to prepare a home and specific actions one should take to ensure everyone is safe should a storm threaten.

Going far beyond what local government programming offers, the award-winning MBTV crew also spent time with members of the Hurricane Hunters, an elite group of United States Air Force Reserve aviators and scientists who fly into the eyes of hurricanes.

In addition to the video special, Miami Beach community can also obtain more information about how to prepare in the latest issue of MB magazine, where there is a quiz and checklist, and in the 2015 Miami Beach Hurricane Guide that includes specific information for only the Miami Beach community.

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