Fear as your friend

Summer is here. Does that phrase excite you or does it strike fear into your heart?

You might ask what could there be to fear about summer. Hurricanes? Sharks? Yes, I’m talking more about things that we face on a regular basis. How about the fear of going to the beach and putting on your bathing suit? How about the fear of summer wardrobes and pool parties?

If the fun of summertime is overshadowed by your fear of being embarrassed about the way that you look it is time to stop being afraid and do something about it.

Fear can be a great motivator. I think everyone would agree that it would be nice to be really healthy or to have a great looking body, but when the alarm goes off for that 6a.m. workout, is that desire still there? Not really. But what about fear? If you’ve ever had a health scare or a frightening conversation with your doctor, you know how motivating fear can be. Getting healthy in order to avoid a second heart attack or to lower your risk of stroke can be very motivating.

The fear of not being around long enough to see your grandchildren can really motivate you. On a lighter note, what about the fear of being embarrassed at the beach this year?

That fear is powerful. Use it to your advantage.

That is your motivation to start exercising. That is your motivation to start eating healthy. The good news is that it is never too late to start, but don’t procrastinate. The #1 killer to fitness success is procrastination. “I’ll start next month. I’ll start next week. I’ll start when the kids’ schedule slows down.” No, you won’t. I’ve seen it happen a million times.

Start today. Start today by making a decision. Make the decision that today will be the worst that you ever look and feel because as of tomorrow, you will start looking and feeling better! Make the decision and take action. Call me and schedule an appointment, call the gym, sign up for bootcamp or call a friend and set a time to go walking. Do something. Take some concrete action today to set your plan in place and you can be healthier and happier this summer.

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