Apple announces new iphone 6 ?

iphone 6
iPhone 6 4.7" shown in video leak
[dropcap]A[/dropcap]pple to host a special event today in their hometown Cupertino, California. The (iPhone 6) announcement comes thirty years after the late Steve Jobs announced the first Macintosh.

apple announces new iphone 6

The tech giant’s CEO Tim Cook is unveiling a new product or perhaps several. If you visited Apple’s Website you may of seen the homepage with a live countdown where they will stream the live event set for 1 p.m. EST.

How does a company like Apple raise the bar after three decades? According to The New York Times U2 is set to perform and demonstrate “integration” with iDevices to promote the legendary rock band’s upcoming album. Jobs and Bono teamed up back in 2004 for a “Special Edition” iPod.

steve jobs and bono
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iphone 6
iPhone 6 4.7″ shown in video leak


iPhone 6 in two different sizes.

4.7-inch display,plus a bigger 5.5-inch display.


A smart watch device that has a curved rectangular sapphire crystal screen.

Equipped with a heart-rate sensor that integrates with iOS 8’S latest HealthKit app.


AppleInsider reports RBC Capital Markets research analyst, Amit Daryanani, expects 10 million iPhones 6 units during the launch week and 15 million total units by end of the month.


This report along with all information swarming on the net is pure speculation. No one can really be sure about the secretive tech giant and we encourage you to find out by watching the live event via the Live Stream 1 p.m. EST.






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