A 15 Step Soulful and Musical Journey of Healing and Transformation through the Seder

Passover has never been more relevant than it is this year. The central theme of the holiday is: transcendence (pass-over) – freeing ourselves from all our constraints, fears, concerns, health challenges, uncertainties — all the forces that impede us from spreading our wings, growing and flourishing.

As we remain quarantined in our homes, with a plague raging in the streets, how can we experience the Passover Seder as a vehicle to transcend and free ourselves emotionally and psychologically from our present crisis and become greater people in the process? Jews have been doing this in every generation. This year it takes on a whole new meaning.

As part of our effort of providing you with empowering resources in these challenging times, we are honored to offer you a 15-Step Journey of Healing and Transformation, presenting the 15-steps of the Seder — a 3,332 time-tested formula — to transcend all the challenges we are facing today.


  • Introduction to the Seder (video)
  • 15 Steps of the Seder accompanied by soulful music (videos)
  • A 15 Step Seder Companion (PDF download)

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