The Abuelos Foundation, in partnership with local non-profit  organization Mia’s Rocks for Kindness, has invited student volunteers from students across  Miami-Dade to join them for a fun time that will benefit the older members of our  community. 

The Abuelos Foundation will host a student volunteer service event on Wednesday, August  30. The event will be held from 4-6 PM at Miami Arts Studio and will include activities allowing  student volunteers to express their creativity, in ways such as rock painting and card  decorating. The Abuelos Foundation is committed to actively providing support and  resources to senior citizens in the community, and this event is an excellent opportunity for  students to show their appreciation for their elders.  

“Our mission at the Abuelos Foundation is to provide seniors with the resources and support  they need to live happy and fulfilling lives. This event is a great opportunity for us to bring  student volunteers together to show the elders that they are not alone. We are proud to host  such successful events and look forward to continuing to support seniors in our community.” – Bryan Ferreiro, President of the Abuelos Foundation. 

“Working with the Abuelos Foundation is an incredibly rewarding experience. I’m excited to  see the joy on the faces of the seniors as they receive their rocks or letters. This is truly  heartwarming. It is an honor to be a part of such special events and to help make a  difference in the lives of seniors in our community.” – Mia Ortiz, Founder of Mia’s Rocks for  Kindness. 

The Abuelos Foundation is grateful for the support of the student volunteers and the  community. It is proud to have brought students together for such a special event. The  Abuelos Foundation is dedicated to positively impacting seniors’ lives in the community and  will continue to work towards this goal.

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