ArX Solutions Unveils ArXperience 3-D Technology

IMG_0428After months of research, beta testing and prototypes, ArX Solutions, an internationally-recognized 3-D architecture visualization firm, announced the launch of its latest real-time interactive technology—ArXperience 3-D. Combining crystal clear 3-D rendering quality with virtual reality, ArXperience 3-D allows users to visualize, interact and experience an environment in the most realistic quality ever before seen on the market. The revolutionary technology is making virtual reality less virtual and more real than ever before.

The ArXeperience, as the new technology is termed, will serve as a high end, ultra high tech real estate marketing tool, allowing for developers and brokers to showcase pre-construction developments and individual units to potential buyers with an interactive presentation that resembles reality. Users can then participate in a one-of-a-kind encounter with a space as if they were physically there. Potential buyers can experience and virtually explore any space. This solution allows the end user to have the closest experience to the real product available. Additionally, it allows for the end user to experience the product miles away from the project’s actual location with this portable technology. ArXperience brings a sophisticated architectural visualization technique to the real estate industry for the first time.

“Today’s luxury real estate buyers are highly sophisticated and determined to make educated decisions before making a purchase. With this technology, they don’t have to try to envision a pre-construction space, they can actually live it,” said Gonzalo Navarro, Principal of the Miami office for ArX Solutions. “By presenting a product through ArXperience 3-D, developers and brokers can take the marketing and selling of a project that has yet to be constructed to the next level.”

The ArXperience 3-D solution is best presented on a double screen 4K curved TV and is compatible with Oculus Rift for a total immersion experience. This is the first time the virtual reality headset is being used as an instrument to market real estate. The device’s tracking technology allows for users to look around their surroundings in the virtual world just as they would in real life by turning their head, creating an intuitive experience. The depth, scale and wide field of view achieved by using the ArXperience 3-D technology on this platform creates an extraordinarily realistic experience.

“We have worked on this product for several months and with the best CG artists from around the world,” said Patricio Navarro, President of ArX Solutions. “We wanted to make sure that the quality and resolution of our product was unparalleled. Even though we are first applying it to real estate, the sky is the limit for ArXperience 3-D.”

Headquartered in Miami, Florida, ArX Solutions is an award-winning, 3-D architectural visualization firm specializing in 3-D renderings, animations and films for projects worldwide. The firm also has offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and representatives in New York City, New York, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. ArX Solutions is a market leader in top quality renderings, having worked on prestigious projects around the world. With a team of talented architects and artists, the firm has been turning ideas into reality for almost two decades.

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About ArX Solutions:
ArX Solutions is a widely experienced, internationally-recognized 3D architectural visualization firm that produces 3D renderings, animations and films for projects in markets all over the world. Specializing in providing computer graphics solutions, architectural workshops and master planning, the team of talented architects and artists produce high-end computer generated images. ArX Solutions is an award winning firm, having received numerous awards from the American Society of Architectural Illustrators, AIA, ASLA, ADDY, SCA and NYSR. For more information about ArX Solutions, please visit

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