“Can’t We Do Better?”: FIU President Dr. Mark Rosenberg Shares His Hopes for American Education with Dr. Marta Perez

Florida International University has been steadily climbing national and international rankings through recent years. US News and World Report ranked them as 78th in the public universities rankings within the United States, a 17 spot jump from the previous year. At the helm of those efforts, is University President Mark Rosenberg. He joined Dr. Marta Perez, host of Excellence in Education, to talk about his lessons in life and how they’ve cultivated the spirit of learning.

Born of a US Army Captain and Holocaust survivor, Dr. Rosenburg learned very early in his life much about the world around him, and the people in it. Respect, understanding, and compassion are all virtues Dr. Rosenberg kept close to his heart as he grew up. Still today, Dr. Rosenberg strives to uphold those values before his student body. Dr. Marta Perez spent some time with him to discuss not only his plans for FIU but also his hopes for the future of American education and to this he responded with, “Can’t we do better?” There is no such thing as perfection but in the pursuit of it, one can achieve excellence.

Dr. Rosenberg and his wife have recently donated one million dollars specifically for first-generation scholarships in an effort to encourage and uplift underprivileged communities. Dr. Rosenberg believes that the greatest challenge to education in the modern era is an inability for bright young minds to access many of the opportunities afforded to those more fortunate than them. 

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