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Our college graduates leave school with dreams and expectations,, hope that their prospects of finding a good job is going to be realized.

Are their dreams gone???

No., Hope and dreams will always be there. What changes is the timing.

The pandemic that is affecting everyone has also been compounded by social unrest, political divide.and economic woes.

The perception which in many cases is the reality, is a world appearing hostile and unfriendly.

At times so overwhelming that they ask themselves, what do I do now?

Those that are able to graduate with certain disciplines maybe be able to land that perfect job,but many will not.  So what are they supposed to do?

We know, as history has shown us, that whatever the challenges that are placed before us, with proper dedication and perseverance that they will be met and a good chance that you will achieve them. World is not perfect and the ability to overcome these challenges may be more difficult for some than others,,, but it can be done.

Many of today’s graduates may not have the tools to handle today’s stress and emotional burden that accompanies this new journey.

Not having the proper course can be just as frightening as a seaman or pilot navigating their way out of a storm.

Sometimes in life it’s necessary to change roads and therefore direction in order to achieve your goals.

We may have to put our desires on hold in order to obtain what we want later. These are difficult times and they are real.

Parents and mentors must not let this adversity overwhelm them.

Rather nurture those that have found their path and help those that have not. The new college motto should include adapt and change.

Our wisdom and experiences should be their guidance when needed. It may be necessary to postpone your dreams but never let them go.

This virus may be with us for a while, no one really knows but that is no reason to not lift the spirits and support for our graduating men and women for that’s what they are and the future is theirs.

Dr. Casas is a Board Certified Pediatrician practicing in South Florida since 1985.
His work experience include but are not limited to:

  • Private Practice
  • Chief of Pediatrics
  • Medical Director

His medical interests are in allergies, pulmonology and infectious disease.

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