Comcast Business Finds Florida Business Owners are Prepared in Case Another Wave of COVID-19 Hits


As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its seventh month in Miami, a new survey found business owners around the state are ready in case there is another wave of coronavirus.

The majority of small- to mid-size business (SMB) owners in Florida (85%) say they are prepared for another wave of COVID-19 according to a survey conducted by Comcast Business.

In addition, the survey found that Florida SMB owners are more confident about their pandemic preparations than American business owners in general. Data shows 78% of SMB owners across the country feel ready for a second wave of the coronavirus.

Research also reveals that Florida SMB owners appear to be using the pandemic to learn new ways innovate, adapt and future-proof their businesses, with 93% responding they consider themselves more tech savvy after introducing new technology processes in to their operations. Once again, the response from Florida business owners was higher than the overall response, with only 79% of US business owners saying they are feeling more tech savvy.

Unfortunately, nearly all Florida SMB owners (97%) have already been impacted or expect to lose revenue this year because of COVID-19, compared to only 86% of SMB owners across the country.

“Whether they are dealing with situations they are used to every year, like hurricane season, or something as unprecedented as the COVID-19 pandemic, small to medium business owners across Florida are resilient and constantly evolving to best serve their customers,” said Rich Rollins, Vice President of Comcast Business in Florida. “Comcast Business is committed to being a partner and resource to these businesses as they bounce forward from the pandemic.”

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