Donna E. Shalala

Donna E. Shalala is running to win Florida’s 27th Congressional District – a seat that is considered a key pickup opportunity for Democrats in their fight to take back the House. This has been one of the most hotly contested races during perhaps one the most important mid-term elections in years.

As a long-time resident here, Shalala is unapologetic in her love for South Florida’s natural beauty, its rich culture and its diverse people.

We recall it was just three years ago that Shalala stepped down as the University of Miami’s president, but she has spent her entire life fighting to improve the lives of others.

She has advocated tirelessly for women’s rights, civil rights, better education and schools, gun control, traffic and infrastructure, and a clean, sustainable environment. We would like to see her continue to fight for those causes, for all of us, in Washington.

Appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve as the U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) where she served for eight years – Shalala was the longest serving HHS Secretary in U.S. history.

Shalala has also shown us she is a champion for improving access to health care, as evidenced in her role in creating the Children’s Health Insurance Program, also while she was HHS Secretary. Today, 9 million kids and pregnant women have access to health care because of that program.

More immediately, she says she would immediately focus on making the Affordable Care Act’s tax subsidies more generous and pressuring more states to expand Medicaid.

Closer to home, under her leadership, the University of Miami added 5,000 local jobs and generated $6 billion dollars annually for Miami-Dade’s economy.

We need someone in Washington who is ready to step up to the plate and make things happen for Miami. Shalala is that person, her high profile nationally and in the South Florida media market means she would be able to readily shine a light on causes we see as most important, while also effectively serving the interests of her constituents.

While her Republican opponent Maria Elvira Salazar is also running a very strong campaign – with her own unique brand and conservative ideas for South Florida – during these tumultuous times, we need a candidate that can be up and running and working for us on day one – for all the people.

The Community Newspapers believes Shalala is a proven leader who is prepared to take her breadth and depth of experience fighting for others to the halls of Congress. We are proud to lend our full support to Donna Shalala as the best candidate for Florida’s Congressional Seat 27.

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  1. I will vote for Donna but I will never forgive her for selling the Pine Rocklands so a out-of-town based developer could destroy priceless native land and build a Walmart. Many environmentalists will never forgive her.

    • You owe it to yourself to ask her – at any campaign event – to explain how this happened. You will be surprised to understand the clash of competing community interests. Ask her. Do not just make assumptions.

  2. Sorry. I’m a democrat and if you support Shalala then I wont read or support you any longer. My vote goes to Maria Salazar

    • Salazar has said during a recent debate that government has no role in health care and everyone should just buy their health insurance on the open market from private health care insurance companies. Salazar supports abolishing Medicare. Vote for Salazar is a vote to eliminate Medicaire and most likely to eliminate Social Security.

  3. Shalala can not even speak Spanish, the language that 60% of the constituent she is trying to represent speak.

    She is a swamp create…from the Clinton Crime Gang.

    I will never buy your paper.

  4. I would hope that whoever wins district 27, will follow the in the foot steps of Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and join the bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus. This caucus now has 90 members, 45 Republicans and 45 Democrats, and recruits by the Noah’s Ark Method. Two by two. If you are a Democrat, you have to bring a Republican with you and visa versa. God knows South Florida needs climate solutions in a hurry. May I suggest that who ever wins, propose the Carbon Fee and Dividend plan put forward by the non partisan Citizens Climate Lobby. It is extremely well thought out and modeled by Regional Economic Modeling Inc. (REMI) which works for folks on both sides of isle.

  5. Must we keep the Clinton stench lingering on? The Democratic Party needs to find new blood without the taint of Clinton cronyism. Enough already!
    No party affiliation

  6. On WLRN, Maria Salazar was asked if carbon emissions caused climate change. She said she’d have to read about it. Asked if she determined they were responsible if she would be in favor of taxing/fining violators, she said she’s have to read about
    it. Memo: There are no climate deniers in South Florida. Nor can there be a place for any candidate who does not support strongly supported health care programs with coverage for pre-existing conditions. There is ONLY ONE CANDIDATE who represents the best possible choice for FL’s 27-CD and that person -hands down- is DONNA SHALALA. The Community Newspaper endorsement is a wise call.

  7. I would never vote for the most corrupt candidate ever in my life. Shalala did not just saddled UM students with $67,000 per year or $268,000 for 4 years of tuition, or kept sanitation workers getting only $6 an hour, but lives in a $9 million mansion in Coral Gables, protected male students from rape chargers, was appointed CEO of the Clinton Foundation to clean up all the “pay to play” donations from Dictators, Billionaires, Corporations & elected World leaders for favors if Hillary Clinton would had been elected President, controversial purchase in 2007 of the old Cedars Medical Center and Shalala’s determination to seal the deal, despite warnings from critics that its medical school was spending too much and cleaning up Bill & Hillary Clinton’s messes since she help craft the failed Health Plan during Bill Clinton’s first term. She should move next to the Clinton’s in New York and retire from public life.


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