Coral Gables among top U.S. cities to start a small business

Coral Gables among top U.S. cities to start a small business
Coral Gables among top U.S. cities to start a small business
Small businesses play a major role in Coral Gables’ economy.

A new report confirms the City of Coral Gables is committed to empowering and expanding its entrepreneur community.

Verizon’s partner company,, just released its 2019 Best Small Cities to Start a Small Business report which ranked Coral Gables the third top small city in the country to start a small business.

“Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. I am proud of the city’s efforts to develop this very important sector of the economy,” said Mayor Raúl Valdés-Fauli. “Entrepreneurs and their startups infuse Coral Gables with innovation and job growth.”

The rankings were released just a few days shy of National Small Business Week and Economic Development Week. Three of the top five ranked cities are in Florida, indicating an emphasis by local governments on the entrepreneurial community.

According to, more than 300 cities were evaluated on the financial climate, demographics, education level of the workforce, in-city commute times, income per capita, broadband access, availability of SBA loans and overall tax friendliness for small businesses.

“Coral Gables is the perfect mix of a modern city with historic charm. We are strategically focusing on infrastructure and technology projects that attract startups and add value to existing businesses,” said Peter Iglesias, Coral Gables city manager.

Through Coral Gables’ Smart City open data platform, the city is sharing valuable data with entrepreneurs that will help them understand the market and consumer behavior, improve customer service, citizen engagement, public safety and more.

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