Florida’s Insurance Reform Could Include Roof Testing Benefits

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As the Florida legislature is seeking reform for the state’s property insurance coverage to benefit both homeowners and commercial property owners, the subject of roof claims have been discussed in Tallahassee.

Under proposed legislation, homes and businesses with roofs that are 15 years or older may get an inspection prior to insurance companies being able to deny coverage. One missing element according to Florida’s leading roofing company, Advanced Roofing, is to mitigate risks to insurers and possibly lower costs to consumers by providing tests addressing strengths of roofs.

The current Florida Building Code does include test protocol for high velocity hurricane zones and clearly outlines the minimum requirements for installation and testing of roof systems.

“Currently, there are tests which determine reduction of exposure to high winds and hurricanes offered by corporate insurers such as FM Global,” explains Rob Kornahrens, CEO of Advanced Roofing. “However, there doesn’t seem to be testing performed for residential roofs. This could be a solution to reduce the insurance company risks while allowing residents to benefit with lower premiums.”

Senator Lauren Book has encouraged the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee to freeze insurance rates for at least a year while additional solutions may be identified. Kornahrens believes that testing with current technology, including wind uplifting, would identify any deficiencies. If the roof passed inspection, allow for lower insurance premiums.

“This is one recommendation towards a bigger picture solution so that insurance companies would remain in Florida and continue to write policies with reasonable rates to both homeowners and businesses,” says Kornahrens.

As a board member for the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and RoofConnect, Kornahrens feels every step possible to protect consumers should be taken prior to implementing legislation which may not address all costs. He has served as CEO of Advanced Roofing for the past 37 years. His family business may be found at www.advancedroofing.com

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