Gables Building and Zoning working to create more pleasant experience


One of the city’s busiest departments is making welcomed improvements in customer service. A new automated system to manage the flow of customers now is in place at Building and Zoning on the third floor of Coral Gables City Hall.

The goal of the new automated system is to provide customers with quality service and reduced wait times. Upon arrival, customers will be directed to a touch-screen ticket kiosk where they will select the reason for their visit. Based on that information, the system will route the customer to the most appropriate staff to handle their specific needs.

“We will always do our best to save residents time,” said Gables Mayor Jim Cason. “This new system is an example of our continuing efforts to increase convenience and customer satisfaction.”

Before it was implemented, customers had a difficult time identifying where to go to get their needs met. Customers needing guidance regularly waited in line at the reception desk and were then directed to another line where they waited again. In other cases, customers would just stand in the shortest line only to find out it was the wrong line. Either scenario caused confusion and wasted time.

This new management system immediately directs customers to the correct counter. It increases customer satisfaction, offers added convenience and saves time. Supervisors can track a customer’s progress through the system and they can shift resources more effectively to the areas where they can help the most people.

“We are here to be as helpful as possible to our customers,” said Development Services assistant director Carmen Olazabal who has been looking at ways to improve the customers’ experience with the department. “Since the automated queuing system is taking care of the overall efficiency of the process, we can focus our efforts on our customers.”

Coral Gables is among a handful of municipalities, government agencies and healthcare centers in Florida using this state-of-the-art system.

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