Horace G. Feliu to have book signing at Books & Books

Pictured is Horace G. Feliu with his book.
Pictured is Horace G. Feliu with his book.
Pictured is Horace G. Feliu with his book.

Horace G. Feliu, a former City of South Miami mayor and businessman turned author, will have a book signing and talk at the Books & Books in Coral Gables on Sunday, December 1 at 4:00 p.m.

His thriller novel, “The Nativity Conspiracy,” is the subject of his talk. The controversial work of fiction mixes Biblical history with UFOs and conspiracy theories in a plot filled with twists and turns. Feliu says he is delighted to have the chance to appear at the bookstore that is a landmark in South Florida.

“I spent many hours of my young adult years visiting Books & Books and would never have dreamed that they would be inviting me to do a book signing,” said Feliu. “I am very excited and honored. I am looking forward to sharing my experience in writing The Nativity Conspiracy and what inspired me to write the controversial story.”

Feliu says his interest in writing is nothing new. He has been writing since he was a teenager.

“The Nativity Conspiracy” itself began in 2002 with a working title of “LukesGospel.com,” and although the basic plot and some of the intrigue were the same, he was not satisfied with several of the characters and did not work on it for a number of years.

His novel’s lead character, Father Mat McDougal, is a parish priest in Miami whose prior background as a police officer causes the Pope to recruit him to find a missing ancient scroll which has revelations so potentially earthshaking that it must be found. Italian Mafia bosses and corrupt Vatican officials also get involved, adding to the danger. What inspired his choice of protagonist?

“As a kid going to church and Bible school I always wanted to become a priest, then when I got a little older, 14 or so, I thought of becoming a cop,” Feliu said. “Though terribly flawed as a priest and a cop, Father McDougal relives my childhood fantasies which include the exploits of James Bond. In one character, I was able to amalgamate my childhood fantasies.”

As part of his talk at Books & Books Feliu will present a slide show of centuries old religious art which has images that are hard to explain.

“Anyone interested in ancient alien theorists should find my presentation compelling and intriguing,” said Feliu.

Born and raised a Catholic, Feliu says that the idea for his novel is rooted in his religious upbringing, but that his background in biomedical engineering and medical technology was a factor as well. He also enjoys reading thriller novels, and thinks Dan Brown’s novels, such as “The Da Vinci Code,” and similar works are good.

“He keeps the reader engaged in the mystery of the plot throughout the story, which naturally include fanatical evil forces that use any means to achieve their goals,” Feliu says of Brown.

Books & Books is located at 265 Aragon Avenue in Coral Gables. For information visit <www.booksandbooks.com> or call 305-442-4408.

Feliu’s novel is available as a trade paperback, a hardcover and even an eBook. For information visit his website, <www.thenativityconspiracy.com>. 

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