INTRODUCTION TO EXPERTS IN PINK EN ESPANOL: Cindy Papale and Sabrina Hernandez Cano Announce the Second Edition of their Groundbreaking Book, Experts in Pink now in en Espanol: Your Guide to Breast Health


It is with great pleasure that Sabrina and I welcome you to Miami Breast Cancer Experts Second Edition, titled Experts in Pink now in en Espanol. In 2014, Cindy Papale and Sabrina Hernandez Cano set forth to accomplish one simple but important goal. Many books had been written on the subject of breast cancer, but never had experts in the field come together to offer their knowledge on their particular practice. In Miami Breast Cancer Experts First Edition, our hope was to create greater awareness through the eyes of the survivors, along with the expertise of the medical and health care professionals who make up the wholesome care of a woman’s journey through the breast cancer diagnosis. We feel we accomplished this in the first edition. 

With Experts In Pink both in English and now October 12, 2019 en Espanol, we decided to go even further on other topics so well needed like Cardiac Effects after chemotherapy and radiation therapy by Dr. Javier Jimenez, a very important chapter on dental care by Dr. Rita Dargham, even music therapy and how it helps the immune system by Marilyn Smith Van Houten. 

Alejandro Badia, MD., FACS, a world renowned hand and upper extremity surgeon, founder of the Miami Based Badia Hand to Shoulder Center and the Innovative Creator of OrthoNOW®, a unique Orthopedic walk in Center national franchise who writes an amazing chapter on lymphedema and neuropathy effects after treatment. 

By Anne Hemingway: Experts in Pink is a smorgasbord of intelligent essays on every aspect of breast cancer. Everyone — nurses, doctors, and people dealing with the disease for the first time will find chapters of this book helpful. Breast cancer treatment in Miami seems to be at the apex of a healing mountain, there are so many highly regarded professionals working at making it not just survivable but turning it into a life challenge that can help woman find enhancement for their lives beyond it. This is not a sad book, but a compilation of so much hope and the possibility that you will find yourself smiling, enjoying the ride. Well worth reading. 

Experts in Pink as the testimonial written by Mariel Hemingway: “It’s so important to be informed as a woman. Cindy and Sabrina provide a compassionate and detailed look into the impact and most importantly the solution to empowering yourself when dealing with Breast Cancer. Thank you ladies!” 

We welcome the reader to a wonderful journey as they read Experts in Pink in both English and now in 2019 release on October 12, 2019 in en Espanol. This book will help inspire, educate, and more important, give hope to many. 

Cindy Papale, is a breast cancer advocate/survivor and Sabrina Hernandez Cano, RDN, CDE, NC 

Experts in Pink is honored to announce BRCAstrong in their book. Experts in Pink en Espanol will be released this October 12, 2019 with a signing and medical panel discussion with 8 physicians who contributed chapters in the book at Books and Books 265 Aragon Avenue, Coral Gables, Florida 33134 at 5:00 PM 


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