Letter to the editor

Ms. Swain is a nearly 20 year resident of Coral Gables, and has served on several advisory boards for the City during that time. She currently serves on the Miami-Dade County Transportation Aesthetic Review Committee representing the City of Coral Gables.

What is Coral Gables Mayor Valdes-Fauli afraid of?

He has placed a resolution on Tuesday’s agenda (January 28 2020, item F-7), which would direct staff to delete a key element of the ongoing bike lanes project before residents vote.

The Alhambra Circle Complete streets project includes bicycle lanes, sidewalks, and road improvements. A good portion of the project will be funded by a grant the City won based upon the bicycle lane component. If the resolution passes, the bicycle lane component would be eliminated, and the City would lose it’s grant. The timing of this resolution is suspect – now that the City is preparing to send out official resident ballots, the mayor wants to change the project?

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  1. I have a GoPro camera on my bicycle, and also a rear-view mirror.
    Seems like I’m in the minority. Not many people are willing to spend the couple extra dollars to properly equip their bike or their kids bikes.
    If the police ever do a sting operation to catch drivers who go after bikes, they better have a *hidden* camera, because as soon as they see the camera, they don’t come anywhere near the bike.
    Not sure if bike lanes are needed, or if the police should target the motorists who go after bicycles.


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