Miami’s 2020 Super Bowl Will Bring Opportunities for Local Fans, Businesses

Rodney Barreto, chair, Miami Super Bowl Host Committee
Rodney Barreto, chair, Miami Super Bowl Host Committee

The final whistle has blown on this year’s Super Bowl in Minneapolis, with the game considered to have been a big success for the NFL and the city. Atlanta’s up next, and then before you know it, it will once again be Miami’s time to shine.

I had the opportunity to go to the game in Minneapolis, speak with local and league officials, discuss what went into ensuring it was a positive experience, and begin the work that needs to be done for our community for the 2020 game.

The Miami Super Bowl Host Committee is dedicated to having Super Bowl LIV be a positive experience — not just for the people who come to visit our community for the week of the game but for the millions of us who call this community home.

Having thawed out from Minneapolis and taken a moment to reflect on how it went, we’ve put a lot of work into completely redesigning our website,, and filling it will all sorts of information that will help if you’re interested in finding out about how you can be part of Miami’s Super Bowl… even if you can’t catch a pass!

Miami will need at least 10,000 volunteers.

There will be a multitude of ways for people to help welcome our hundreds of thousands of visitors coming from around the world to see South Florida. At the airports, the hotels, the Miami Beach Convention Center and the massive Super Bowl Live experience that will transform downtown (more on this soon!) — there will be plenty of opportunities for outgoing, friendly people who are passionate about football.

In today’s environment, security is of course paramount. That’s why we are partnering with the NFL to help ensure everyone who’s associated with the effort and representing our community is screened and cleared. That’s why work is already under way to get Miami’s best and brightest out there as our ambassadors! 

Local businesses can sign up today for NFL Business Connect

The NFL’s Business Connect program is a supplier diversity and inclusion program, and so much more. In addition to generating an approved list of hundreds of local businesses owned by minorities, women, disabled veterans and LGBT, Business Connect will coordinate a series of professional development workshops to help local businesses learn how to prosper and grow.

This is part of the NFL’s commitment to ensuring the Super Bowl creates great opportunities for established businesses throughout every host city. Entertaining over 100,000 high-income visitors for over a week means a lot of great ways to get involved!

In addition to the information on, anyone with questions is invited to call our executive office at 786-789-2020.

Partnership and sponsorship opportunities abound

We have large multinational enterprises in Miami, small mom-and-pop shops, and everything in between. The Miami Super Bowl Host Committee leadership team consists of representation from some of South Florida’s great companies and interests. But, as we saw in Minneapolis, the Super Bowl will present a wide range of branding opportunities, sponsorship slots and other ways for South Florida companies to be part of making Super Bowl 2020 happen. Again, businesses looking to become sponsors are invited to reach out to the Host Committee.

Only about 67,000 people will be in Hard Rock Stadium when Super Bowl LIV kicks off in two years. But our entire community can make the most of this opportunity. The Miami Super Bowl Host Committee is working to apply what we saw in the successful Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, and with your help we can make this upcoming game great for everyone involved!

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  1. Hmmmm. I volunteered at the last Super Bowl and there were people from EVERYWHERE visiting Miami!! I was at the airport greeting people and everyone was excited to be in Miami and try our restaurants. They spent money to get here and they were planning to spend money while they were here!! I’m sure it will be the same again this time!!


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