New Honda Civic with over 300 horsepower to debut in Miami

2017 Civic Type R (European Version)

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Auto-tuners in the know are probably well-aware that Honda will be launching one of its most-anticipated new models this spring – the absolutely ferocious 2017 Honda Civic Type R.

Miami Honda drivers love their Civics. World-class reliability, great fuel-efficiency and an overall outstanding value for the dollar makes Honda Civic a great choice for many car shoppers.

For the all-new generation, Honda brings us a full line up of body choices including the sedan, coupe and the latest Civic Hatchback. There are plenty of options offering both increased performance and efficiency. The most sporting of which is the vibrant 1.5-liter turbocharged Hatchback. Aggressive styling, performance-tuned engines and the latest tech make the Civic Hatchback a favorite among budget-conscious auto enthusiasts. It starts at just $20,500 MSRP.

So, what’s the big deal about the new Civic Type-R?

Forget everything you know about the Civic. The Civic Type-R is a 306 horsepower monster, albeit a well-behaved one.

That means the Type-R offers twice the horsepower as the Honda Civic LX in a fire-breathing i-VTEC turbocharged engine exclusive to the Type-R. Built in America, the Honda Type-R engine roars with 306 horsepower and 295 lbs-ft. of torque. This isn’t just a ‘sport edition’ like many manufacturers offer with simple cosmetic changes like body cladding and wheel upgrades. This thing is the real deal.

A choice of driving modes help you orchestrate the performance.

The Civic keeps you in control of all that rage with driving modes that adjust throttle, steering and suspension to make sure you can tame the monster. A limited-slip differential allows for improved control under hard acceleration and massive race-tuned brake calipers bring things to a halt when you need it. An Adaptive Damper System allows for adjustable suspension to further improve handling and stability to get everything out of your gripping 245/30R 20″ performance tires. The only transmission is a slick-shifting 6 gear manual gearbox, of course.

The Type-R is track-ready, and it looks it.

Without question, this is one of the most aggressive-looking new car models. An all-new Aero Kit features side splitters, vortex generators and an unmistakable rear wing to keep you grounded.

Don’t expect a minimalist race interior. The red and black two-tone interior offers state-of-the-art tech with a 7-inch touchscreen navigation display and a 540-watt, 12-speaker sound system exclusive to the Type-R. Heavily-bolstered sport-seats and a leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear shifter make sure your touch sensors are satisfied.

And we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Honda expects to sell-out of the Type-R models very quickly, so if the Civic Type-R seems fit for you, you best get in gear.

“The good news is that the Type-R questions have evolved from if, to when, and now it’s just about how many” says Jorge Escobar, General Manager of South Motors Honda. He expects to fulfil early deliveries of the limited-production model very soon.

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