Newly published novella Upon a Peak in Darien comically portrays life in Vermont in post-war 1950’s

Miami author David Pearson’s second book, a novella entitled Upon a Peak in Darien, is a coming-of-age tale set in a small Vermont resort town during the summer of 1956. The book follows the path of Baker Murray, a precocious young man from Miami whose personality was shaped by the comically opposing forces of his Jewish mother and Catholic father. A talented pianist and singer and avid tennis player, Baker navigates a minefield of often hysterical situations involving a German baroness, two gay antique dealers and a set of twin sisters, each of whom Baker pursues separately…with disastrous results.

The story paints a vivid, Rockwellian picture of life in a small, post-World War II American town where conversations are deep and thought-provoking, people gather around a piano to hear standards like “Stardust” and lazy afternoons are spent swimming in cool quarry waters and hitting tennis balls at the local club.

Upon a Peak in Darien invites readers of every generation to recall their own youthful adventures and relationships as they follow Baker on his summer journey to forge friendships, ponder the mysteries of life and escape from comic close-calls. It’s a fast, easy read that will appeal to all generations.

The book retails for $15 and may be purchased online through Amazon, or in person at Books and Books. In 2018, Pearson published his first book about his unusual career in public relations entitled JFK and BOBBY, ARNIE and JACK…and David! For more information, please visit

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