Penelas has another strong fundraising month over $400,000

Alex Penelas, former Miami-Dade County mayor.

Alex Penelas Political Committee, “Bold Vision”, which shows the Committee has raised $402,000 in the month of May. This is in addition to the $501,000 Bold Vision raised in April. After 60 days of active fundraising, the Committee, which is chaired by Penelas, has raised over $900,000 and is poised to continue on its current pace for June. What is a good point to recognize is that Bold Vision has raised its money thus far without taking contributions from County Hall insiders, lobbyists or vendors and raised nearly twice as much as Daniella Levine Cava in the month of May. Daniella claims to have over $1M raised, but has been raising funds for close to 3 years. Penelas, through Bold Vision, has nearly matched that through Bold Vision and has done so in only 60 days.

Penelas is widely expected to open a campaign account for 2020 Mayor’s race sometime soon, and the ability of Bold Vision to raise funds is a good indication that Penelas will have a strong ability to raise funds for his Mayoral Campaign account.

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  1. Penelas is receiving huge $100,000 checks from Mike Hernandez and others… You cannot get more establishment insider than that!

    This article is so misleading. It almost implies he has grassroots support which is not true whatsoever. Everyone knows how he lied to the residents with transit, half-penny tax, favors for friends, lobbyists, Al Gore 2020 race, etc.

  2. The top 5 corrupt cities in the U.S. is Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Washington DC and Miami. Penelas may get Miami to the top spot.

  3. DRAIN THE EVERGLADES! Penelas is the type of self-interested, politician who pops up out of nowhere after 20 years of doing absolutely nothing for anyone but himself. All of the sudden, he’s back!

  4. We don’t need anymore corrupt,and crooked politicians like this THIEF!!!! For a BETTER VISION don’t vote for those lowlifes like him!! We need new people with NO POLITICAL CONNECTIONS to the CORRUPT OLD GUARD!! Enough of this garbage!!

  5. Yep, I remember this little dog f…er when he pushed through the raising of sales tax in Miami-Dade. The promise was that they would use the extra money to fix public transportation and do away with the tolls in Miami-Dade. It never happened. This punk is a born thief and a puppet to the corrupt dealers that cause our property taxes to be so high

  6. Common…your obviously in the tank for Penelas because of your association with the Homeless Trust. I hope you afford the other candidates the same courtesy since this is a very important race for the leadership if our county and as you know.

  7. Same old. Same old. M-D needs young blood with a vision, if such a person exists. M-D should be ripe for progress, not regression.

  8. Honestly, I miss this guy. He was a good Mayor but more importantly he was HONEST unlike many of our current politicians. Also, i think he is the reason we have universal pre-k in Florida. The bozos that succeeded him screwed things up.

  9. That’s not true he is honest and care for our community.He is a person that you can trust in trying to comply with what he promess. In reference to the 1/2cent tax why don’t you ask the persons that remain or was elected after.

  10. He was a good Mayor , I’m so happy his running, hi we’ll have my support and all my family ,Friends and my employees of my company

  11. He was a good Mayor , I’m so happy his running, hi we’ll have my support and all my family ,Friends and my employees of my company

  12. Alexander the Great Peneelas A political gangster. Corruption is middle name. Like Janet said what have you done lately

  13. As a millennial who grew up with this guy and my mayor I can tell you I’d never vote for him. 1) he didn’t keep his promises the first time so why should we believe him now? 2) He’s old and cut from the same cloth as the current mayor, so again no.


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