Regenerative Medicine: The Future of Medicine is Here

Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary approach to treating many degenerative conditions and includes a variety of different techniques including stem cell therapy.    This field joins nearly all disciplines of science and holds the realistic promise of repairing damaged tissue by harnessing the body’s ability to heal itself.  


Adult stem cells are found in every part of the body and their primary role is to heal and maintain the tissue in which they reside.  Stem cells are unspecialized cells capable of renewing themselves by cell division.  In addition, they have the ability to differentiate into specialized cell types.  Adult stem cells can be harvested from a patient’s own tissue, such as adipose (fat) tissue, muscle, teeth, skin or bone marrow.  


One of the most plentiful sources of stem cells in the body is the fat tissue.  In fact, approximately 500 times more stem cells can be obtained from fat than bone marrow.  Stem cells derived from a patient’s own fat are referred to as adipose-derived stem cells.  The mixed population of cells that can be obtained from fat is called a stromal vascular fraction (SVF).  The SVF can easily be isolated from fat tissue in approximately 30-90 minutes in a clinic setting (under local anesthesia) using a mini-lipoaspirate technique.  The SVF contains a mixture of cells including adipose-derived stem cells or ADSCs and growth factors and has been depleted of the adipocyte (fat cell) population.


ADSCs are multi-potential and can differentiate into a variety of different types of tissue including but not limited to bone, cartilage, muscle, ligament, tendon and fat.  These cells have also been shown to express a variety of different growth factors and signaling molecules (cytokines), which recruit other stem cells to facilitate repair and healing of the affected tissue.  ADSCs are very angiogenic in nature and can promote the growth of new blood vessels.  


Based on research performed in our FDA registered facilities, stem cell quality and functionality can vary greatly depending on the methods utilized to obtain the cells.  It is important to utilize a product that has undergone full characterization to include safety, identity, purity and potency.  We have developed a method for harvesting and isolating stem cells from fat for therapeutic use.  The use of a cell population that retains the ability to function in vivo will lead to more consistent patient results with long term success.


Adipose stem cells can be obtained from the patient easily, abundantly, and with minimal patient discomfort. Clinical applications for patients can be performed in an office setting safely, legally, and ethically using autologous ADSCs.  Current applications include orthopedic conditions (tendon/ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, etc.), degenerative conditions (COPD, diabetes), neurological (MS, Parkinson’s, spinal cord injuries, TBI, etc.) and auto-immune (RA, Crohn’s, colitis, lupus).


Stem cells possess enormous regenerative potential.  The potential applications are virtually limitless.  Patients can receive cutting edge treatments that are safe, compliant, and effective.  Our team has  successfully treated over 7000 patients with very few safety concerns reported.  One day, stem cell treatments will be the gold standard of care for the treatment of most degenerative diseases.  We are extremely encouraged by the positive patient results we are seeing from our physician-based treatments.  Our hope is that stem cell therapy will provide relief and an improved quality of life for many patients.  The future of medicine is here!  


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