Rep. Donna Shalala’s Statement on the Administration Suspending Chartered Flights to Cuba


Congresswoman Donna Shalala (FL-27) released the following statement:

 “The Trump administration’s proposal to suspend chartered flights to Cuba is the wrong solution to a complex problem. This proposal will not hurt the Cuban regime’s coffers. Instead, this policy will punish Cuban families – families who simply want to visit their loved ones on the island.

“Unfortunately, keeping families apart has become an all too common practice under the Trump Administration, and this is just another example of the administration’s complete lack of strategy, forethought, and humanity in developing our country’s foreign policy.”

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  1. Just another Democrat sniping at President Trump over a proposal, as though the problem with Cuba since 1959, was his fault. What is Shalala’s answer to get rid of Communism in Cuba?


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