Shame on the Miami Herald

FPL Miami-Dade Solar Energy Center
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Grant Miller

The Miami Herald has recently been in the news for refusing to run a Florida Power & Light opinion-editorial that presented the utility’s side of a story about solar policy in our state. I guess when the Herald wants your opinion – they’ll give it to you! When the Herald did finally publish FPL’s response, the paper took the liberty of editing much of what FPL had to say. Does the Herald really think it’s okay to censor ideas that don’t fit their narrative?

This is yet another example of why the Herald’s credibility continues to erode. My advice: Bring back David Lawrence Jr., the paper’s former publisher and beloved Miami icon.

Let’s be objective. Everyone is biased. Media is no different. If you read my column regularly, you know that I have strong opinions. That’s the great thing about editorials. It’s the place for ALL opinions – yours, mine, and even FPL’s.

Over the years, I’ve been tough on FPL. They are an easy target. After all, who doesn’t like to complain about their utility. Even so, we gave FPL space in the paper to share their stories. My opinions on FPL have changed over the years. That’s because FPL sought me out to educate me on their business. Unlike the Herald, I listened.

FPL’s opinion on solar deserves to be heard. At a time when everyone in our country s talking about how to fight climate change, the largest solar buildout in the country is happening right here in Florida and FPL is responsible for making it happen. I visited their massive solar facility on Krome Avenue with its hundreds of thousands of solar panels – as far as the eye can see. They have many solar installations throughout Miami-Dade, including solar panels floating on a lake next to Miami International Airport.

I doubt the owners of the Miami Herald are aware of FPL’s solar activities or what any business is doing in our community. How could they? The Herald is owned by a hedge fund located in New Jersey that bought the paper’s parent company McClatchy out of bankruptcy in 2020.

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