South Florida Wildlife Center announces international partnership with the LIPU wildlife recovery center in Rome, Italy

The South Florida Wildlife Center (SFWC), the largest volume wildlife center in Florida and one of the largest in the United States, announced today that it has formed an international partnership with the Wildlife Recovery Center – LIPU (Italian League for the Protection of Birds) in Rome, Italy. LIPU is a national Italian charitable organization, founded in 1965 and devoted to the protection of the country’s wildlife with a particular focus on birds. It has a membership of 42,000 and is the Italian partner of Bird Life International. Moreover, it is one of the most important Italian environmentalist organizations with World Wildlife Fund Italia, Legambiente, and Greenpeace Italia.

Located in the beautiful Bio-park of Villa Borghese, the LIPU Wildlife Recovery Center in Rome has played a vital role for the protection of wildlife since 1997.  This Center cares and rehabilitates more than 7,000 animals a year from 150 different species and has become an important national reference point for the protection and recovery of wildlife.

The Wildlife Recovery Center and the South Florida Wildlife Center share a mutual mission and common goals – to protect, rescue, and rehabilitate wildlife, while creating awareness on environmental issues and promoting peaceful co-existence with wildlife in our communities.

“South Florida Wildlife Center is proud to partner with this Wildlife Recovery Center and LIPU in this innovative joint venture,” says Alessandra Medri, Executive Director (SFWC). Together, our strengths and like missions will play an invaluable part in creating a focused global alliance toward helping wildlife and our environment.”

Through this prestigious international alliance, the LIPU Wildlife Center of Rome and the SFWC will share valuable information, foster collaboration, and promote international externships to cross-train our support teams in all areas of rescue, rehabilitation, and outreach.  collaboration with our Italian “twin center”.

“Through this partnership we are furthering awareness of wildlife and environmental conservation issues,” says Francesca Manzia, Director of the Wildlife Recovery Center. “We share a mutual mission and large community of members, volunteers and operators convinced that wildlife plays a very important role for people and for society. Together, we want a world where people live in harmony with nature, in a fair and sustainable way, and we strive for it every day.”

About LIPU

LIPU is the association for the conservation of nature, the protection of biodiversity, the promotion of ecological culture in Italy. With 30,000 supporters, 100 local sections scattered all over the Country, 600 active volunteers, and dozens of operators, technicians, educators, Lipu is a point of reference for the defense of wildlife and nature. The LIPU Wildlife Center in Rome rescues and treats more than 7,000 animals in distress every year. The Center is equipped with various types of aviaries, special tunnels for on-the-fly rehabilitation, a nursing department, a surgical room with radiological equipment and an area intended for the public and equipped with didactic panels and information material. For more information about the LIPU Wildlife Recovery Center of Rome, please visit:

About the South Florida Wildlife Center

The South Florida Wildlife Center is one of the nation’s highest-volume wildlife trauma hospitals. A national leader and teaching facility in wildlife veterinary medicine and rehabilitation, SFWC provides emergency rescue, veterinary treatment, and expert rehabilitative care to more than 250 wild species. Founded in October 1969, the Fort Lauderdale-based facility is an independently governed non-profit organization that helps more than 10,000 injured, orphaned, or imperiled animals annually, responds to wildlife conflicts, and collaborates locally and nationally on issues impacting human, environmental and animal health. Visit, find us on Facebook or call (954) 524-4302.

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