Spirit of Art alive at project in Downtown Coral Gables

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Spirit of Art alive at project in Downtown Coral Gables
The art installation at the garage entrance to Giralda Place by local artist duo AMLgMATD is titled SunRay Mosaic.

In the deep-seated roots of “The City Beautiful” lies a profound relationship with the arts, intended to invoke thought, uplift the senses, and promote a fondness for community.

Most recently, we’ve seen the area come alive, with the “Venice in the Gables” public art initiative and photo-worthy Giralda Plaza installations — “Umbrella Sky” and “Sunlit Sky.”

More so than ever, community developers are taking their own steps to invigorate the neighborhood’s landscape with public art spaces.

Just down the block from the city’s aforementioned activations and steps from the Coral Gables Museum, is the latest of the lot.

Through a partnership with Nimble Design, we commissioned a custom piece at Giralda Place by local artist duo AMLgMATD, titled SunRay Mosaic.

An important point of this selection was their distinction as Miami artists. Established by Laz Ojalde and Natalie Zlamalova, work by AMLgMATD has been featured at Art Basel’s Untitled Art Fair, 1111 Lincoln Rd., and the Maker Faire Miami.

Creating a synergy between the development and its surrounding neighborhood, AMLgMATD’s art installation is inspired by the beautiful Coral Gables night sky and utilizes bold colors to emulate a welcoming feeling of warmth and creativity.

The partnership was an opportunity to infuse a modern touch to the development’s traditional façade, adding context to its urban setting.

The uniqueness, however, is the piece’s distinct location. Suspended overhead in Giralda Place’s parking entrance, the intention was to transform what is traditionally monotonous space of a garage’s concrete ceiling into a visually-captivating centerpiece.

This was achieved by repurposing this public space to be enjoyed by locals and visitors year-round, whether driving or strolling the open sidewalks.

Paying homage to the city’s signature Mediterranean style, each hanging tile of SunRay Mosaic, is a geometric shape, a common element found in architectural design throughout Europe, particularly in Spain.

The artwork is complemented by two linear fountains that offer built-in seating to gaze at the masterpiece. Green walls frame either side, mirroring the lush foliage synonymous with Coral Gables’ streetscape.

As the city’s renaissance continues to take shape, there is no doubt that new initiatives will be announced to keep the spirit of the arts permeating through The City Beautiful. We remain especially grateful to the city officials and the mayor for sharing in this vision.

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  1. I’d have preferred they landscape with something besides dead and dying palms and spent less on colorful LED lights.


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