Tempt Gin: How a Chemist and a Restaurateur Hatched an Old-World Miami Gin

Wayne and Flynn Eldred are brothers from two very different career  trajectories. They came together to create a tropical gin that’s oh so vibrantly Miami yet  grounded in old European gin crafting techniques from the 17th century. Their collaboration, Tempt Gin, entered the market in August 2021 and now can be found in some of the most  discerning and popular bars and restaurants in South Florida. 

Flynn Eldred, a chemist from the pharmaceutical industry, and Wayne Eldred, a restaurant  veteran conceived the idea in Coral Gables and brought it to fruition in Pembroke Pines, Florida.  Having spent some of their childhood in England they were well aware of Gin’s prowess. Hence,  they set out to make a gin, but not any old gin. A gin made the same way it was crafted in the  17th century, by maceration rather than distillation. Consequently, the Eldred brothers took their  creation to the well reputed Big Cypress Distillery in Miami where it is handcrafted on a  commercial scale in small batches.  

Flynn, the creator of TEMPT Gin, set out to craft the gin with two precepts in mind: simple  elegance and a crisp citrusy taste. With the help of his brother’s sophisticated palate, they fine-tuned and fashioned what we know today as TEMPT Gin. With only seven botanicals TEMPT Gin  embodies simple elegance and culminates in an incomparable smooth crisp citrusy mouth finish.  The botanicals used are sourced from around the world, from the land of the Pharaohs to the  home of Chopin and far beyond. Each one was carefully considered and included to yield a well 

balanced spirit that gives the mouth a burst of taste. The botanicals are soaked for the perfect  amount of time to allow them to reveal their essence. No stills, no cuts, and hence, minimal  waste and energy consumption. Tempt Gin embodies the old world with the style in which it’s  made and a low carbon footprint, with a twist of the new world by leveraging technology to  expedite bottling. 

Flynn explains “one of the major challenges of a fully macerated compound gin is that it’s either all  good or all bad, one cannot cut out parts of the blend which is common in distillation. Therefore,  great attention is required when formulating the types of botanicals, their quantities and maceration  times. It is not an easy task to have a truly finished fully macerated gin”. TEMPT Gin exudes a  beautiful color, evolving from a garnet to an amber which is a consequence of the way it is crafted.  In addition, the flavor evolves over many months and is always delicious. These dynamic components  of TEMPT Gin is what sets it apart from other gins. 

“Word of mouth has been very powerful for us and our growth. Restaurants, bars, and their patrons have shown their appreciation for our Gin. The process we use, and botanical combination reveal  flavors with many different dimensions that change from when served neat, on the rocks, or in a  cocktail. We are extremely grateful to the south Florida community for embracing our unique  creation”, Wayne affirms.

For more details and to find a location you can try Tempt Gin in a cocktail, or buy a bottle please visit  www.temptgin.com. For inquiries for restaurant, bar and liquor store orders please reach out at:  info@temptgin.com. 

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