This Too Shall Pass

Grant Miller


Without a doubt, this has been the strangest, most difficult week in the 60 plus years that my brother Michael and I have been alive. We’re sure you feel the same.

After Hurricane Andrew, which caused billions of dollars in damage to South Miami-Dade and our economy, we thought we’d seen the worst Mother Nature could throw at us.

Until the arrival of the Coronavirus.

The lesson Hurricane Andrew taught me is that emergencies unite rather than divide us. We always work together during these hardest of times to bring ourselves back from the edge of the abyss.

This crisis is no different.

I am confident that by working together Miami-Dade County will come out of this crisis and live to tell great stories of courage, determination and faith. Although there are times when we argue about our political views, at the end of the day, we all share the same values and that is what makes our country great.

To that end, we at Community Newspapers are working hard to continue to provide the hyper-local news that that keeps us all connected. Knowing that people have extra time on their hands and that many are feeling isolated, we moved have been distributing Community Newspapers to grocery stores and the result has been amazing. Community Newspapers helps them connect with others, which they are desperate for.

Community Newspapers also wants to help you get back the market share that was lost when the Coronavirus knocked on our front door. In recent months we’ve amped up our video production and provide in house and on location to promote your business. I’d like to make that available to you.

Additionally, we are very handy with Facebook and regularly send out 11 different electronic newsletters, with most focusing on the local cities and providing you with the local news that matters to you and your family. We even have one newsletter that covers all of Miami-Dade County.

Placing your advertising message on our website, in our newsletter or on Facebook is an inexpensive way to reach your current customers. And of course you want to save money and we’ll help you do that too. Call me. I want to hear your stories.

As they saying goes: Adapt, improvise and overcome. So, let’s get busy working together and rebuild.

A new dawn is coming.

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  1. A special thanks to the Miller’s, Michael and Grant of Community newspapers for providing information, encouragement, concern for all communities, and taking a leadership role in keeping us all together in this crisis. Unlike other disasters, this pandemic has been the great equalizer; race, ethnicity, gender, age, rich and poor alike have fallen in this virus. Ironically, it has also made us one globally, no country has been spared.
    Community newspapers should be supported by doing as much business as possible with the vendors that place their ads in the various municipal editions. this pandemic will end and hopefully all businesses will reopen. it is more important than ever to support them. On line purchases do not help pay local taxes !!

  2. Mr. Miller,
    There is only one thing that is very different from a hurricane regarding this virus. It is the feeling of not being in control. At least before a hurricane, I know all the preparations I need to take to make my home and family as safe as I can. With this virus, I have to count on the federal, state, and local governments to act quickly and order the things that will be required to get through this. Leaving this in the hands of others is very unnerving for me. I would hate to find myself dying because I don’t have gloves or a mask (which we were convinced of that we didn’t need; because they were in short supply?) or worse yet because everyone is trying to get a respirator. Should we have invoked the defense production act earlier? I would have!!!


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