Three best-selling authors appear together at Books and Bools event

Three best-selling authors appear together at Books and Bools event

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New York Times best-selling authors — Jodi Lynn Anderson, Aimee Friedman and Sarah Mlynowski — shook up an appreciative crowd during a July appearance at Books and Books in Coral Gables.

They are on tour together and are calling it the “hot summer nights’ tour” in support of their latest works.

Anderson, whose book Tiger Lily is on Time Magazine’s 100 Best Young Adult Books of All Time list, was promoting her engaging, masterful new novel Midnight at the Electric.

Friedman presented her frolicking Two Summers. The novel tackles the idea of the importance of every decision as the novel splits apart into parallel timelines.

Mlynowski dazzled everyone with her charm as she shared about her newest release, I See London, I See France. The story follows the main character’s romantic adventures during a trip through Europe.

The three authors fielded questions from veteran reporter and teacher Aurora Dominguez. After they summarized the plots to Midnight at the Electric, Two Summers and I See London, I See France, they answered Dominguez, clarifying their writing philosophies, describing their writing processes, while spreading laughter throughout the crowded room.

The novels center around female relationships. Mlynowski explained that her main character attempted to rekindle a childhood relationship; Anderson said that her protagonist was dealing with “fractures in her relationships that she didn’t know were there,” and Friedman talked about how teenage friendships were “intense, stormy and complex.” They agreed that teenage friendships were “really fascinating to explore.”

This philosophy of showing the complexity with humor, irony and clarity make their novels joys to read. They are written for young adults, ages 14 and older.

Dominguez then asked about the writing process. She asked if the fictional characters resolved any of the authors’ personal issues. All of the authors shared personal stories that had inspired their writing these novels.

Anderson shared a hilarious story about a half-dead, resurrected Barbie doll; Friedman perked up about some time that she had spent studying in France, and Mlynowski described a funny experience when she was backpacking through Europe.

Each author had connections to Miami. Anderson’s Midnight at the Electric begins Miami. Friedman has a novel titled South Beach, and Mlynowski loves the city.

When asked what they were working on next, Friedman said that she was too superstitious to discuss her work before she had it down.

Anderson was going to follow the masterful Midnight at the Electric with a young adult novel set in the Dark Ages. Mlynowski is working on a companion piece to I See London, I See France.

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