Workshop on Gables High being held by CG City Commission Friday, Oct. 11th, at 4 pm, at the Gables High Media Center


Coral Gables High is in the midst of a $26MM+ renovation funded by Miami Dade County Public Schools.  The school is actually the oldest school in Miami-Dade County to not be entirely rebuilt or renovated.  This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to finally upgrade the entire campus and to have buildings and facilities fully worthy of the best-in-class education provided by the dedicated teachers and administrators at Gables High.  The campus should be a center of learning that also reflects the beautiful and unique attributes of the City of Coral Gables.

Every Gables resident with an interest in Gables High, and anyone with an interest in Coral Gables’ namesake high school should attend the City Commission Workshop.  We expect to learn more about the renovation, understand the scope of the significant improvements now underway, and discuss future efforts about working collaboratively to complete a fully comprehensive renovation.

This is a Workshop organized by the City Commission to gather information.  The topics could include a number of items, including:

1)      the ongoing renovation plans,

2)      information from Miami- Dade County Public Schools about the renovation and possible options for a conceptual future master plan for the remaining campus,

3)      input from the community, and

4)      options and ideas for partnerships/contributions from alumni and members of the community, the City, businesses and other interested parties (including potential investment by the City in the school).

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  1. Your post on Facebook last Thursday at 2:53pm has 2 typos. One is very obvious, which happens when you post quickly. (Schoo) The other is common, but egregious for anyone posting on behalf of educational institution. The correct verb is affect, not effect. You may already have this info, but even though this post is a few days old, it continues to be shared. Only you have the opportunity to go into the original post and edit it. Thank you.


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