Giralda Under the Stars lights up Gables’ night

Giralda under the Stars lights up Gables' night
The Vinyl Blvd. and Yamit Lemoine entertain the audience.
(Photo by Gary Alan Ruse)

A large crowd gathered on Giralda Avenue for an evening of food, drink and live entertainment on Feb. 7. It was one of Coral Gables’ monthly get-togethers known as Giralda Under the Stars.

There were couples walking hand in hand, groups sharing laughter and people standing in line to try samples of food. Although there were plenty of chairs, not one of them was empty during the musical acts.

The city’s Restaurant Row was bathed in light with lanterns dangling from cables suspended above the streetscape. Lively sounds of laughter, conversations and tinkling glasses filled the air while the soft jazz played. Most of the restaurants had placed tables outside, and those were all but filled.

On the Eastern Side of the Avenue, there was a stage where Yamit and The Vinyl Blvd. entertained with their sultry blend of standards. Pizza Lorenzo’s oven filled the air with the delightful smell of baking pizza and garlic bread. Clutch Burger competed with its scent of cheeseburgers.

An estimated 5,000-7,000 people attended the night’s event according to the Business Improvement District (BID) which manages the event.

Giralda under the Stars was sponsored by the largest distillery in the world, Diageo. There were free samples on hand of Tanqueray for the thirsty to partake.

The live band, The Vinyl Blvd. led by Yamit Lemoine, an Israeli singer who was raised and trained in Canada, consisted that night of three members: a bassist, guitar player and drummer — and at times, Lemoine would play a violin. The Vinyl Blvd. in other venues plays with larger ensembles. They are a working band and are very versatile.
Lemoine enjoyed the experience of performing in Coral Gables.

“I loved it. The audience was so very attentive and supportive,” she said. “As we performed, we felt the love radiating onto the stage from the audience. This always feeds the music. It creates the magic of the performance. That’s why live music is always such a unique experience.

I’m so grateful to have been a part of this wonderful community concert series. Hope to be back soon.”

This band has a large following worldwide.

Representatives of the BID said that although the lineup has been decided for this year, it can be a show of Coral Gables attractiveness to artists to come and play at the event. They want each event to be “fresh and new.”

“Each event in this series has a specific music theme and spirit sampling from our sponsor Diageo,” said Taciana Amador, BID executive director. “The upcoming March Giralda Under the Stars event will feature Flamenco music by Anabel Lopez with live dancers, plus samples from Ketel One and Ketel One Botanical.”

Giralda Under the Stars occurs the first Friday of the month between November through April. The next Giralda Under the Stars will occur on Mar. 6.

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