A historic Torah finds new home in the Gables

A historic Torah scroll has found its way from Majorca, Spain to Chabad in Coral Gables, where it is being restored. This unique Torah was written on deerskin, approximately 200 years ago.

The entire community is invited to join in celebrating the continuity of the Jewish people by welcoming this Torah scroll to its new home on the upcoming holiday of Shavuot.

A Torah comes full circle — from the Spanish Mediterranean island to the Spanish flavor of the Gables, from Majorca, Spain to Majorca Avenue, Coral Gables. The welcoming of the new Torah scroll will be celebrated by reading the Ten Commandments from it on the holiday of Shavuot — Wednesday May 15, 6:30 p.m. — the day that commemorates the giving of the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai 3,325 years ago. The celebration will continue with a gourmet dairy dinner buffet following the reading.

“This scroll is a very appropriate addition to the Chabad Center, as it represents the unbroken chain of Jewish tradition and survival,” said Rabbi Avrohom Stolik, director of the Chabad Jewish Center. “The ancient wisdom contained in this scroll is the essence of our identity as Jews, and possessing it now at our center is cause for great pride and celebration.”

Members of the community can become a part of this Torah simply by dedicating a letter, verse or any other selection in this Torah scroll in honor and in merit of their family. To dedicate a part in this unique Torah, visit online at www.ChabadGables.com/Continuity

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