Cellfina Combats Cellulite

unnamed-11-201x300Q: I hate my cellulite. Is there anything that really works and what is your recommendation for treatment?

A: Recently the FDA approved a minimally invasive procedure with really great results. Cellfina treats the connective bands woven throughout fatty areas that pulls the skin down and creates dimpling in the skin surface we call “cellulite.” Cellfina cuts these bands by using a minimally-invasive procedure with a local anesthesia. Once the bands are released, the skin bounces back, smoothing itself out in as little as three days.The procedure involves a small-sized needle device that applies light, quick and repeated pressure on cellulite areas, causing bands just beneath the skin to fray and release. The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes depending upon the number of cellulite pockets to be addressed. To date, no serious adverse events are associated with Cellfina. Most common side effects patiens report include soreness and bruising with minimal pain.

Now for the most important part: Patient satisfaction after one year was 94 percent effective during original trials! Procedure costs vary from $2000-$5000, depending upon the number of cellulite dimples, where the physician practices and the geographic location. For information on Cellfina, visit <Cellfinamiami.com>.

Dr. Wolf ’s office is located at 8940 N. Kendall Dr., Suite 903E. He may be reached at 305-595-2969 or at <www.miamiplasticsurgery.com>.

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