City’s new palm trees in full display on Alhambra Circle

By Maria Rosa Higgins Fallon….

Mayor Jim Cason releases the fronds of a recently planted Medjool palm.

The grace and beauty of the new towering Medjool palms on Alhambra Circle are now in full display as several members of the Coral Gables City Commission helped untie the fronds of the recently planted trees.

In July, the city commission unanimously approved the streetscape project. Sixty seven towering Medjool date palms and 61 Bismarck palm trees now adorn the median on Alhambra Circle from LeJeune Road to Ponce de Leon Boulevard.

The beautiful transformation is in part due to the continued generosity of Manuel C. Diaz, resident of Coral Gables and president of Manuel Diaz Farms. Diaz donated all 61 Bismarck palms worth $80,000 for Alhambra Circle and made it possible for the city to purchase 45- to 50-foot-tall Medjools. Diaz and his son, Nick, personally supervised the planting of all the trees on Alhambra.

Back in April, Diaz made another significant donation of large trees to the city worth more than $95,000 for Ponce de Leon Boulevard. Another landscaping project that is beautifying the city is the transformation of Segovia Street with the addition of approximately 300 stunning oak trees currently being planted in the median and swales. This project is expected to be completed within the next three months.

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