Edgar Hernandez makes his mark as dog trainer, artist

By Mike Thompson….

Edgar Hernandez is pictured during a recent Art in the Breezeway event.

Resident Edgar Hernandez is a talented artist who has a great love for art, but that’s not his only passion.

To many, he is known as the “Dog Charmer” and operates Dog Charmer Training Inc. He is a certified master trainer of all types of dogs, including family pets and working dogs. For 15 years, Hernandez has trained seeing-eye dogs as well as those used for personal protection by high-profile politicians and others.

Hernandez has been a featured artist at the monthly art exhibition in Coral Gables, Art in the Breezeway, for three years. Hernandez specializes in colorful pastels and has a natural talent and Cuban spirit that is all his own. Every painting has a story and often reflects a recent event in his life.

Hernandez’s colorful pastels leave viewers with smiles on their faces as they reflect on their own similar situation. Hernandez has the good looks of a Cuban Don Juan and a great sense of humor that shows through in his artwork.

His painting, The Blindside, shows the artist looking up from a manhole cover in the street with the high-beam lights of an oncoming car bearing down on him. In the car is his girlfriend, with her new boyfriend behind the wheel. The look on the characters’ faces has to be seen to be believed. It is a masterpiece of human nature and you feel that you can relate to the poor guy in the manhole when you see his expression.

To view artwork by Edgar Hernandez, visit Art in the Breezeway the first Friday of each month, 6-11 p.m., at 65 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. For more information, call Hernandez at 305-606-1615, visit www.dogcharmertraining.com or send email to art4ubymike@gmail.com.

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