Everyone’s flocking to Simbad’s Birds & Pets for its 31st Anniversary Celebration, May 5

Shop owners Alfredo and Helga Oña.

Simbad’s Birds & Pets has been in business for 31 years – which is certainly something worth shakin’ a tail feather at. To celebrate, the store is hosting an all-day anniversary party, May 5 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Billing the event as a way to give back to its dedicated customers, Simbad’s has invited manufacturer representatives to flock in from all across the U.S. with generous giveaways for customers – along with attractive promotions, fun raffles, and never-before-seen offers.

For several years, prior to opening Simbad’s owner Alfredo Oña specialized in importing baby birds from the jungles of Bolivia. At the time, no one was daring enough to engage in such a practice due to the business risks that came with the required 31-day quarantine process. Nonetheless, Alfredo was able to dominate the field.

So when it was mandated in 1987 that only domestic birds could be sold, Alfredo and his wife Helga opened Simbad’s Bird House. What started out as a small corner store soon evolved into an expansive 5,000-sqft facility and bird mecca.

What really puts Simbad’s ahead of its competition is its long-term commitment to excellence. All birds sold at the shop are guaranteed to not only be 100-percent healthy, but the owners work hard to ensure that each bird is emotionally balanced and socialized as well. One way they do that is by bottle feeding birds from a very young age, rather than tube feeding. Granted, this procedure takes much more time and effort, but the end result leads to happier birds – and in turn, happier customers.

In addition to offering the best quality birds, the shop serves as an information super center for the South Florida bird-owner community.

Simbad’s Birds & Pets is open seven days a week and takes no shortcuts in all it does. Shop owners Alfredo and Helga believe they are truly blessed that their store is visited everyday by third- and fourth-generation customers.

Looking ahead, Simbad’s will focus on innovating, creating, and producing more products for their birds, while continuing to pass along valuable information to customers that will ensure they are able to enjoy their birds for 40, 50, or even 100 years.

The 31st Anniversary Celebration will also feature music, food, refreshments, Cuban coffee, and plenty of dessert to go around. It is certain to be a wonderful event, which, according to the owners, will be well worth it – just see everyone’s happy faces.

Simbad’s Birds & Pets is located at 7201 Bird Road in Miami.
For information call 305-262-6077 or visit their website: simbadsbirds.com

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