Getting up to speed with all-new Ford Super Duty F-350

Getting up to speed with all-new Ford Super Duty F-350

Ford-Super Duty F-350

It is time to get up to speed with the new Ford-Super Duty F-350 DRW Crew Cab. So hop in.

When you want to talk about strong cars, you look at the torque of a car and, with the Ford Super Duty you are equipped with 925 pound-feet of pure torque. Any task you have to do with the aid of a car, you can do with the Ford Super Duty.

In the past decade, Ford wasn’t particularly driven to update the bones of its heavy-duty pickup line. But the modern aesthetic of the “all-new” Ford Super Duty isn’t the only upgrade done with its 2017 launch. This version is a complete and total overhaul of the beloved 1999 truck.

Under the hood, there is a turbo-diesel V8 which is the source of the monstrous torque that easily put the Super Duty in the lead of truck sales for 2017. Thanks to the increased airflow and new fuel injectors, the truck has no problems handling the power of the engine’s torque. To complement the Herculean strength of the vehicle is its all-new massive frame that encapsulates the potent American spirit this truck exudes.

The new structure frames the vehicle from front to rear and it is 24 times sturdier than the previous model’s frame. The size and girth of the truck is necessary for the jobs this truck was designed to complete. Any tow is easy with the new Super Duty.

The smartest innovation for those who will be towing with the truck is the tow hitch system, which is available for 2.5- and 3-inch setups.

The hitches are built into the frame, which make weight equalization simple. The way the hitches do this is by extending over the belly of the truck so that any weight applied to it is equally distributed. If you’re towing your boat to the harbor, it will save you a tremendous amount of time and effort.

Ford is known for using the best metals for the frames and the Super-Duty is no exception to this rule. For the Super Duty, the car maker has equipped an aluminum alloy for the cab, bed, and front clip of the vehicle. This makes the cab much roomier than its predecessor, and it allows it to ride on a longer wheelbase, which means any added weight is no problem.

A lot of folks living in Florida like to go on road trips to other states. So when you head out on vacation, you invariably come across a bumpy road or two. Don’t worry with the Super Duty — you will be able to drive comfortably on any terrain without any of the cab quake and shake you would experience with other trucks when they are outside of their sphere.

All things considered, the Super Duty is the number one choice for any truck owner who wants to upgrade his/her metal. It is packed with torque, has a strong exterior frame, and it can handle any road this earth throws at it — maybe even tundra. You are now up to speed with the Ford’s new Super Duty.

The MSRP on the new Ford-Super Duty F-350 is $46,685 with topline models, such as the Ruby Red Metallic 6.2L Power Stroke V8 Diesel that I test drove reaching beyond $67,200. It gets a combined average miles per gallon of 12.86.

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