Is your student brain-ready for this school year?

Students may not have finished their school year quite the way they had planned. They may have had all the good intentions and supportive teachers, but brain science tells us that motivation and education are only one piece of the intricate puzzle. As students move through the maze of education, school alone does little to develop the underlying ability to process information beyond routine memorization. The commencement of a new school year, however, brings with it the promise of a fresh start if a student is helped to develop the “brain muscles” responsible for learning.

A simple task such as riding a bicycle requires precise and complex brain skills that allow an individual to ride without conscious effort. Therefore, to ignore the importance of brain skills for a more complex task, such as mathematics or reading, would be ludicrous if our goal is to make it second nature. A student, for example, can practice geometry until they are blue in the face and still continue to have difficulty. The ability to visualize the shapes and give meaning to these figures is managed by a specific brain skill that is not developed by the typical process of teaching, since teaching itself does not develop a student’s brain skills.

The first quarter’s report card is a good indicator as to whether a student is brain-ready for the rest of the challenges that lie ahead. An intensive brain training regimen can lay the foundation to help a student reach new heights beyond the ordinary for a successful school year.

Dearest Dr. Redler, I felt it important to write you this letter and share what a positive impact the LIFT program has made on the beginning of Anthony’s tenth grade year. Just last year, we came to you, looking for guidance and assistance as Anthony was struggling with areas such as focus, organization and attention. Although his grades were above average, homework took hours and hours, and weekends were consumed with playing catch up and trying to stay ahead of things. He was frustrated and mad-at-the-world a lot.

 After following What’s On Your Mind’s very specific, targeted plan to develop Anthony’s dormant brain skills, I am very happy to say that Anthony is now able to finish his homework in a reasonable amount of time, work independently, and best of all, his confidence in his own ability to accomplish his goals has increased tremendously.

 My husband and I are grateful to have crossed paths with you and What’s On Your Mind. Anthony is a happier, more productive student and has his sights set on college and a challenging career. Most sincerely, Nora P.

 Dr. Fabian Redler is president of What’s On Your Mind, Inc. (LIFE Learning Centers), helping kids reach the stars since 2000. He may be contacted by calling 305-937-6463.

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