Range Rover packs best utilities into the Velar R-Dynamic HSE

Range Rover packs best utilities into the Velar R-Dynamic HSE

Range Rover Velar R-Dynamics HSE

Every auto reviewer on the planet gets excited when asked to test the new lineup of one brand — the Range Rover.

I recently got my chance with the new model introduced to Range Rover this year — Range Rover Velar R-Dynamic HSE. It’s larger than the Evoque, but not as big as the Sport. Range Rover packed its best utilities into this car, and by far it is my favorite drive.

And speaking about the drive, this car is smooth and quiet on the road. There are no uncomfortable jitters when going over bumps, primarily due to the adaptive dynamics and Terrain Response system that are standard equipment in the vehicle. The electric power assisted steering with speed proportional steering assured that the vehicle didn’t feel like a heavy cylindrical brick scratching against the pavement. The Dynamic Stability Control also reduced any turbulence that is normally felt in ordinary SUVs when going over potholes and other on-road obstacles.

Let’s talk about the exterior look. Every Range Rover has a look and this one definitely has the look. The Velar is sleek and slim, despite its large size, and takes a lot from its visual antecedents such as the Evoque and the Sport. It is a Range Rover, and Range Rovers are things of beauty. If you decide you want a different look, that’s also no problem. The Velar has around 50 options that are customizable, but, of course, you’ll have to pay for them.

The interior of the car is just as sleek as the outside. The center console features two 10-inch touchscreens that are high-resolution. In front of the steering wheel, there is another screen, which serves as your digital dashboard. Physical meters are out of style nowadays. The steering wheel is leather and has a good grip. Matching the steering wheel are the seats which are also leather, and can be heated and cooled to your liking.

You’re probably wondering just how spacious is the Velar. This large SUV has its own legroom for every person in the vehicle. The two front seats have the most space, naturally, but that doesn’t mean that back seaters are left to suffer. The cabin is large enough to accommodate all the people who enter the car, with appropriate breathing space and legroom.

What’s also nothing to scoff at is the trunk. The trunk is massive and fits up to 177 gallons, which means you can stick anything you want in there. If you take down the backseats then that number jumps to 457 gallons.

Safety is of No. 1 concern when buying a vehicle, and the Velar doesn’t lag behind its competition. There’s Auto Emergency Braking, which has become standard in all new vehicles. It also has other significant commodities like lane-departure warning and adaptive cruise control. It has six airbags with side-curtain airbags that extend to the back seats.

And now we come to the uncomfortable part — for some. The price of the model I tested, which is the Range Rover Velar R-Dynamics HSE, can be from $154,222 to $157,990. This is a hefty price, but the reason it is so expensive is because it is the luxury model. The standard D180 Velar ranges from $68,530 to $78,760, which is a much more economical option for those who can’t dish out $154,222.
On the fuel economy front, the Velar gets a respectable 18 city/ 24 highway mpg.

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