Reverse Type II Diabetes and Hypothyroidism for a Healthier Life

Blood Sugar TestAt Integrated Health Center of Miami, Dr. Ruben Valdes, DC dedicates his time to discovering the cause behind Type II Diabetes and Hypothyroidism.  Using comprehensive testing and diagnosis, the doctor analyzes all aspects of the disease to discover the cause.  Instead of treating patients with medication as a first and last line of defense, Integrated Health Center of Miami shows patients how to reverse diseases such as Type II Diabetes and Hypothyroidism. Impressively many of the patients return to a non-disease state and get off an extensive list of medications.

At it’s worst, diabetes can take decades off a person’s life, but almost always reduces the quality of life for diabetic patients and their loved ones.  The potentially deadly disease can be reversed so patients can reduce and eliminate their drugs and insulin injections, lose weight without exercise, and reclaim their health.  Because diabetes, despite the drug therapy, can cause: heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness and many other disastrous health consequences, proper and comprehensive treatment of the disease is vital.

Integrated Health Center of Miami (IHCM) provides comprehensive and cutting-edge diagnostic testing that gets to the root cause of why diabetics can no longer regulate their blood sugar.  The testing allows the doctors to customize each patients approach to reversing their condition, since there are many variations in the mechanisms that drive one person’s disease as compared to another.

“Most people who come to see us already understand that the current model of treatment is one drug after another in an attempt to reduce their blood sugar.  They are tired, and often very frustrated of going to the doctor and adding one medication after another and another.  Many diabetics don’t even know that diabetes may be reversed so they often suffer and get worse as they go through life,” says Dr. Valdes.

Fortunately, though, Dr. Valdes offers an approach with terrific results that allows diabetics to reverse their disease rather than use drugs to just treat the symptoms of the disease.  The clinic actually encourages patients to take control and discover how to reverse the diabetic disease before it causes problems that can never be reversed.

Your diabetes doesn’t take breaks for the holidays, cruises, vacations and family gatherings.  At some point a decision needs to take place and action needs to be put into motion to reverse the disease.

Integrated Health Center of Miami is offering complimentary consultations to qualifying patients who have been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes and/or Hypothyroidism and want to reverse their disease.  Patients can take action on reversing diabetes by contacting Dr. Valdes at IHCM office to see if they qualify for a complimentary consultation.

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