St. Theresa Catholic School students participate in Hispanic Heritage Week

Second grade student Carolina Juara enjoys some of the artifacts from Peru.

Saint Theresa Catholic School students participated in Hispanic Heritage Week activities on Oct 5.

Children from pre-K to kindergarten classes took part in the Hispanic Heritage Parade where they were dressed in traditional Hispanic garments and paraded around the school’s morning assembly area.

This was a celebration of all the different Hispanic cultures represented in the school’s student body. The parade was an opportunity to display the student’s Hispanic Heritage as they danced and sang in Spanish.

The grand finale was a Hispanic Fair where booths from each Hispanic country displayed original artwork, clothing, artifacts, books as well as food. As a special treat the school’s children’s choir got to sing transitional folk songs. The entire school participated and learned much from each booth. They even had a chance to nice sample food ranging from Cuban pastries to Colombian coffee candies.

Saint Theresa Catholic School is located at 2701 Indian Mound Trail in Coral Gables. Visit online at

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