Stories of Success: FIU Online puts dreams within reach

community-newspapersMore and more students are discovering online learning, with about 5.8 million students enrolled in at least one distance learning course in 2014, according to most recent annual report by Babson Survey Research. Florida International University has long been a pioneer in online learning, offering its first online class in 1998, and now through FIU Online, there are 40 fully online undergraduate and graduate degree programs, specialized training to earn certificates and credentials in the most in-demand professions, and personal and professional enrichment courses.

Every student who chooses to pursue their degree with FIU Online has their own unique story—but what they share is a passion to fulfill an educational dream. Robert Lucky earned an Associate in General Studies from Palm Beach Community College, and then received a basketball scholarship at an institute in Chicago. “The experience was not what I expected,” he says with disappointment, adding “I left after the first semester.” He considered giving up on his education entirely, however, with the birth of his son, his priorities changed. “I wanted more for my family and most importantly, I wanted my son to be proud of me.”

A full-time employee, full-time student and full-time parent, there were times that were challenging. But unlike some of his previous college experiences, at FIU Online Lucky’s professors were willing to work with him, and he had the support of his student success coach, which every FIU Online undergraduate is paired with to enhance their education experience. Ten years after obtaining his associate’s degree, he proudly walked across the stage on graduation day and finally obtained his bachelor’s degree. “With my responsibilities, there were not enough hours in the day to complete everything. If it were not for the support of my success coach, the faculty, the department staff and my family, I probably would have given up. I’m glad I didn’t!”

Stephanie Llamas began her career at FIU as a traditional student, but despite her best efforts, as a working professional, wife and mom to a three-year-old, she found herself falling behind. When a counselor suggested FIU Online, she initially took two online classes while also maintaining one class on campus. Llamas began taking courses online in the summer, and became a fully online student by fall. “I loved the flexibility that being an online student gave me,” she says, adding, “I was able to study when I wanted without taking time away from my son and my husband.” Llamas, who earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts with a track in Organizational Communication Studies plans to pursue a Master in Business Administration next.  My FIU Online success coach would remind me that ‘The journey is the reward.’ That statement resonates for this proud graduate, “I truly feel that I made the right decision by becoming an FIU Online student,” says Llamas.

Wherever you are on your educational journey, FIU Online has programs and courses designed with you in mind. With all our programs designed to get you on the fast track to success, you can complete some degrees in as little as one year. It’s the convenient, flexible, and affordable approach to building a better future.

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