Student Spotlight – Nicolas Viglucci

Nicolas Viglucci is the Coral Gables High Silver Knight nominee in the area of science.

Viglucci is active in the school’s environmental club, Gables Earth. In fact, through the club, he worked to promote safe biking and

Nicolas Viglucci

Nicolas Viglucci

install a bike rack at school.

“Our school is gigantic, it’s 3,500 student,” he said. “Tons of people bike every day. There has never been a bike rack. We raised $3,000 to install a bike rack.”

The new bike rack is located by the auditorium and usually has at least seven bikes in it.

Gables Earth members conducted a water survey to see where water is leaking out of pipes at the school. They also installed a rain barrel.

“We put that in at the beginning of this year or the end of last year so we can water the plants in the garden without using the hose,” he said.

The students are redoing the International Baccalaureate Garden at the school so students can enjoy sitting there while studying.

“We are planning to uproot plants that have died and plant watermelons or butterfly plants,” Viglucci said.

Viglucci is a treasurer of the student council and secretary of the art club.

Outside of the school, Viglucci has volunteered at Shake-A-Leg in Coconut Grove. He worked there for three weeks last summer. Part of the time he was teaching kids how to sail. One of those weeks was on the Freedom boats.

“On that one we weren’t teaching them to sail; we would take them to the sandbar and then let them go play in the water,” he said.

His time at Shake-A-Leg makes him realize how lucky he is.

“I would say, mostly that I’m a lot more fortunate than I realized, not only financially but I’m healthy,” Viglucci said.

In college he is considering majoring in mechanical engineering because he likes building things. If it doesn’t work out with mechanical engineering, he might switch to something in the field of aeronautics. He has been accepted to University of Michigan and has also applied to Stanford, and Columbia.

— Linda Rodriguez Bernfeld

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