University of Miami’s Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program: For the Diverse Critical Thinker


“A liberal education opens the door to new ways of thinking. It brings with it, not just more information, but ways of understanding that information and putting it to work in real life and a vocation. Increasingly, one of the central problems in the business and professional world is how to handle new information, what to do with it, how to use it how to understand its rhythms and patterns, how to make it make sense.”

– Program Director Eugene Classy

The University of Miami proudly presents the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program for students who wish to develop critical awareness of their surroundings and answer the ever-present questions of life. They implore students to explore the program, and want them to know that there is also still time to apply for 2016’s Spring Semester.

For all that you’ve dreamed about learning, the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program provides the environment to discover the answers. As a degree that cultivates deeper, more critical thinking, the program is custom tailored for the student who simply desires to know more. Students will be provided with evening classes, a flexible pace, a diverse selection of courses, and the prestigious, well-known faculty located on the beautiful University of Miami campus.

But don’t think that this program is only for fresh applicants, post-graduate students can also earn certification with:

The MALS Post-Graduate Certificate Program

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Certificate Program is designed for the returning student who seeks to develop the critical thinking that marks a truly educated person—for the student who brings a heightened awareness of the unanswered questions that confront an inquiring mind—for the self-motivated person who never stops asking the first question: Why?

MALS Certificate students come from varied backgrounds that have the opportunity to share their experiences with others in a community of learning: From artists, business people, engineers, and homemakers, to lawyers, matriculating students, physicians, and teachers, the program gives them the opportunity for intellectual and personal growth. MALS Certificate students have acquired their graduate degree, but feel they still have more learning to do. The Certificate Program gives students the opportunity to take an additional 5 classes to expand what they’ve learned about while in their Graduate Program, or explore areas they were not able to experience while earning their graduate degree.

For those who know they want to know more, visit or call 844-845-1501.

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