Cutler Bay’s $17 million potato field purchase has changed Town forever

Grant Miller

Old Cutler Road has been saved from overdevelopment through a $17 million combination purchase-land swap of 16 acres the locals call the “potato field”.

The Town leaders are taking 16 acres at Southwest 212 Street and east of Old Cutler Road off the board, preventing more traffic on Old Cutler Road. They are also eliminating a 480-apartment scenario that was possible for the site.

Instead, the site will be home to a new Town center complex and a park that will be the envy of every local government.

It isn’t often that I applaud a municipality, but Cutler Bay’s leadership gets a gold star today because of its clarity and speed.

While government is often slow to take action, the Town has already completed the necessary land swap with private property owner, GCF Investments Inc. So, Cutler Bay is the potato field’s new landlord.

To honor its end of the bargain, Cutler Bay approved a $3 million payment to GCF Investments. Additionally, GCF Investments gets ownership of a six-story office building and the land under the current town hall at 10720 Caribbean Blvd., making the parties even Steven. Well not quite – Cutler Bay will lease the site of the current Town hall from GCF until the new one is designed and built.

So let’s all raise a toast – I don’t drink so I’ll toast with Perrier – to Cutler Bay Mayor Tim Meerbott, Vice Mayor Sue Ellen Loyzelle, and Council Members Robert “B.J.” Duncan, Michael P. Callahan and Roger Coriat.

What is as noteworthy is that it took two administrations – an election occurred in November 2018 – to hit this home run out of the park.

Congratulations to Cutler Bay. We should all be more like you. And, call them a call or email them and tell them what a great job they did.

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  1. Wow, congrats to Cutler Bay for working together with The private sector, unlike Palmetto Bay, which maintains an adversarial relationship that has dragged on for many years and left the city with no downtown and many frustrated owners. Other cities like Del Ray have been able to create positive areas to work and live while Palmetto Bay Just plods along.
    Congrats again Cutler Bay!

  2. KUDOS TO CUTLER BAY ! Deals like this rarely happen for the residents of townships and counties. Great job “keeping an eye on the prize” when so often outside interests end up taking over for their agenda. Proud to live in CUTLER BAY!

  3. Cutler Bay needs to do the same with all empty land down Old Cutler. Including the land on the corner of 87th and Old Cutler. For those of you that don’t know, that’s the lot that they keep on trying to put three story apartment building along with CVS! As for our mayor, I personally questioned him about the planned development of the empty lots and informed him I was opposed due to increased traffic it would bring and he got upset and quoted some studies showing Cutler Bay traffic can hold more growth. Therefore, Although I believe this deal is a good deal, I believe our Mayor had a different agenda, having nothing to do with traffic or what is the right thing for Cutler Bay. I will celebrate only when I see that our government is truly concerned with what’s best for Cutler Bay, which includes “no more three story apartment buildings “.

  4. Too bad the land couldn’t have been left undeveloped. There is nothing wrong with the space the city occupies now. How much is it going to cost to build the new town hall? Traffic is going to increase already because of the new town hall. I see no need to celebrate this.
    We should be looking for ways to stop residential building of all types, especially apartments. Let’s concentrate on improving what we have.

  5. What this city needs a lot of lighting. special on streets like 87 AVE SW 207 ST, Also need a stop at Calusa Cove where the Bus go inside. For orders People that can hardly walk to the bus stop. specially when it rain. and trims the trees that cover the street signs. Also what is going to Publix Are they going to change Location? please let me Know. Thank You. Very much.

    PS: And is a wonderful ideal what the mayor is doing with the potato field’s.

  6. Ok,
    so we swapped land …paid $3 million to do so…have to pay to build “new” city hall… have to keep paying rent to CGF until new building is built…which one of these government cronies are in CGf’s back pocket…(got paid!)

    It would have made more sense for Cutler Bay to buy the land in question (potato field) AND actually FARM the land.

    We are losing SOO much of our farmable land down here to developers…this deal is the same as Mt trashmore…IT STINKS!


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